Delivery and Returns

Domestic Delivery
Domestic delivery is free of charge in Beirut district. Note that an additional delivery charge may be applied depending on the delivery area outside of Beirut and the quantities that will have to be delivered.

International Delivery
For international delivery and shipping inquiries please contact us via the website or call us for quotations.

Return Policy
Our products will be controlled for quality and to be free of defects before being delivered to you. We do not accept any returns once the product has been delivered to your place with your receipt and inspection of it. Usage or customer damages that occur after delivery of the products will not be refunded or exchanged.

There are occasions where factors out of our control can delay a delivery, so we ask for your patience in these rare circumstances.

A signature will be required on receipt so please ensure someone is available at the address to avoid failed delivery
*We reserve the right to amend delivery charges at any time
**Occasionally there may be a discrepancy in the delivery cost calculated online, in which case we will contact you to arrange payment